Monday, August 15, 2011

Has it been 6 months already?

Saturday marked the 6 month anniversary of us moving in. Its been busy and often crazy at times, but we are happy. As far as the house goes, I thought I'd mention how I'm feeling about the house. We're in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house, and it hasn't been as big of a deal as I thought it'd be. Occasionally the one bath is a problem, but it really isn't that much of an inconvenience. We've actually managed to get 5 people and Damari up, showered, and out the door to church by 9:00.

Things that have been done:
-install dishwasher
-work in flower beds
-plant a small garden
-create 4-wheeler trails
-clear out area by the creek
-paint Damari's room room and furniture (I put wrapping paper on the back of the shelves for more color)
-sew and hang curtains in Damari's room
-paint Damari's furniture
-hang curtains in our bedroom
-install exhaust fan in bathroom
-other miscellaneous repairs that have broken since our arrival
-I'm sure Josh has done more, but I can't think of them right now

Things we still want to do:
-level the floor in dining room
-hang curtains in living room
-plant some fruit trees
-plant bigger garden
-plant wildflower meadow
-hang ceiling fan in Damari's
-paint other dining room and our bedroom
-add another bedroom and bathroom
-redo the kitchen
...and this list could go on forever!

I enjoy having so much potential. Before we had this property we would dream about where we would end up, what our property would be like. Josh and I used to constantly look at real estate, especially land. Every town we visited we would wonder if we would end up there and if it would be home. We no longer even consider properties we see for sale, we don't even look at other towns anymore. We absolutely love where we are! When we first moved, I didn't think we'd have anything to dream about, but thankfully, I was wrong. Now we discuss whether to fix up our current house or to build a new one. There are so many possibilities and its so much fun. I hope that we create many more memories on this land and that we are able to bless many people because of this land. God has blessed us and I pray that we can share the love!

I'm eager to see what God brings us in the next 6 months and many more!

In unrelated news, Josh and I are heading out to Camp Horizon this week and we are so excited!

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